Private Loans

Wondering how you'll cover the cost of attending school? Private student loans may be a solution for you when other forms of financial aid fall short.

Private student loans are:

  • A resource to help meet the total cost of your education
  • A way to supplement your federal financial aid, when you need it most
  • Credit-based funds to use for any education-related expense including books and computers

NTI is  pleased to be able to offer private education loans with the University Credit Union.  This program provides variable interest rate loans that are credit-based and typically require a co-signer. The student must complete a separate application with the lender.

Tuition Pay Plans

NTI manages an in-house installment payment plan to assist students and parents in paying their tuition.  NTI's in-house payment plan allows you to finance some costs, which makes paying for your education convenient and affordable.

The in-house payment plans are financed over a short term (usually under 12 months) for students not fully utilizing federal student aid.