Job Search Strategies

Seven Top Job Search Tips

Your individual job search strategy needs to be tailored to your individual situation. The following tips apply to everyone, whether you are seeking an internship, permanent position, or contract position.

1. Network.
Networking is arguably the single most valuable and least understood career management resource. Download your ‘Networking Strategies’ white paper here (pdf version).

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
If you limit your job search to just one method, you will limit your options. Use a mix of methods.

3. No one job search method will reveal all of the jobs out there.
Not every kind of job or industry is represented in every job search method. For example there are many jobs you will not find posted on Internet sites. If you want to maximize your options, you will need to use multiple methods.

4. Start early.
Once you have completed 50% of your training program, become active in your job search. Some employers look for hires many weeks or even months in advance of the anticipated work-start date. If you don’t start early, you can still find opportunity, but you will have missed out on some of the options.

5. Learn how others pursuing your career field or industry have been successful.
– Notice the plural on “others.” Don’t limit yourself to one source.
– Talk to school representatives.
– Talk to students who will graduate (or have graduated) ahead of you.
– Talk to members of Chamber of Commerce, Department of Employment Security, and industry organiations.

6. Learn to think beyond the title of your Career Diploma or Certification.
Most of you have Career Diplomas / Certifications that equal a job title. Learn to think about occupations, industries, kinds of businesses, job skills and career fields. The real world is not organized by ceritifcations.

7. Don’t expect your job search to be quick and easy.
A job search is hard work. Your motivation and attitude are the keys to your success. Expect to put in as much work in your job search as you put into your classes.