Interview Preparation

The job interview is a strategic conversation with a purpose. Your goal is to  show the employer that you have the skills, background, and ability to do the job and that you can successfully fit into the organization and its culture. The interview is also your opportunity to gather information about the job, the organization, and future career opportunities to figure out if the position and work environment are right for you.

Most employers do not hire people based on merit alone. Personality, confidence, enthusiasm, a positive outlook, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills count heavily in the selection process.

Interviewing Skills Interactives:   

What will your interview be like? What should you take with you? How should you answer the questions? What should you wear? All of these questions — and more — will be answered in this topic.  Click Here


After your cover letter and résumé, the interview is your best opportunity to  wow the employer-regardless of your background and experience. To do this, use every  possible strategy to develop effective interviewing skills. The best way is to prepare  a selective presentation of your background, thoughtful answers to potential interview  questions, well-researched questions about the organization, and an effective strategy  to market yourself. Also consider your career goals and what the available job offers so that you can discuss both of these topics with employers. Interviewing is a skill that improves and becomes easier with practice.

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