Students will utilize knowledge gained in our classrooms, and integrate what they have learned into a hands-on experience when placed in an externship.

Externships provide the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in an environment to hone your classroom skills. Our goal is to provide you and our partners with a rewarding experience that will further your knowledge and skills in your chosen field.


The Career Services Department will schedule all  externships. If students are aware of a specific location that they would prefer, please provide the contact information to Career Services to make the arrangements.

For the student’s protection, all externship arrangements must be made through Career Services.

Clinical externships may require you to be available to work full shifts in addition to any classes, work and/or family commitments you may have.

If you are a medical or IT student, please discuss with your instructor before accepting an externship while still in school. This insures that you will be able to balance both successfully. Instructors will make every effort to accommodate other commitments however; their priority is to assure that you receive the training to which you are entitled.  Some externships may begin as early as 7:00 a.m. and may end as late as 6:00 p.m. Hours and site of externships cannot be guaranteed. A commute no greater than 60 miles may be required.


Student’s grades will be reviewed at 50% and again at 100% of the program. The student must obtain an 85 percent average to qualify for an externship.

90% attendance average

Instructor referral, which is based on class participation, professionalism and overall attitude

If Medical, CPR Certified with documentation

Good financial standing with NTI

High school diploma or general equivalency transcript in student file

Resume/Cover letter submitted to career services.

Health Documentation Requirements must be fulfilled prior to externship assignment. This includes a copy of your up-to-date immunizations: MMR vaccination or rubella titer (unless born before 1956) are mandatory, as well as a TB skin test. If the TB skin test is positive, a chest x-ray follow-up is required. 

Externship Placement may require that students complete drug testing and/or background checks. These may be at the student’s expense.

Student Attire

Medical:  Students are required to wear scrub uniforms or a lab coat for their clinical externships.  Scrubs are the student’s responsibility, and lab coats are often provided by the clinical site. Shoe style is not standardized, however, shoes must be clean and close toed.

A clean, neat appearance is expected; uniforms and shoes should be clean and not tattered. It is critical that you maintain acceptable personal hygiene.

To avoid the danger of becoming caught in equipment, cause injury to patients or interfere with patient care, long hair must be tied back, fingernails should be reasonably short, and dangling jewelry such as bracelets and long earrings are not acceptable.

Use of fragrance, i.e. perfume, cologne, aftershave, while working should be avoided as it can add to medical complications for certain patients.

Professional Behavior

It is imperative that you represent yourself, as well as NTI, with a professional appearance and demeanor. You will be assigned a mentor at the job site. Students are expected to follow all policies and procedures of the organization as well as instructions from  staff.   This is for your safety and for Medical Students, the safety of the patients you will be working with. Unsafe practices will be documented and discussed with the student. If an incident arises and improvement does not occur, the student may be dismissed from the externship.


Violations of Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is a professional/ethical responsibility of all healthcare professionals and, as such, is a responsibility of all Allied Health students. Policies and procedures regarding patient confidentiality will be discussed both in our classrooms and at the clinical facilities. In most cases, students may be required to sign a patient confidentiality agreement with the clinical site.